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Management Board

Management Board

The Management Board (MB) is the decision-making body of the consortium. It is composed of representatives, one for each partner, the Project Coordinator (PC) being the CINES representative and chairing the meeting.

The Project Management Office (PMO) assists the MB meetings in the role of the technical secretariat. Decisions are taken by consensus. When this is not achievable, decisions are taken by majority voting with a casting vote for the PC. Detailed operational procedures (representation, meeting preparation, organisation, minutes, voting and quorum and veto rules) are defined in the Consortium Agreement.

The MB examines at each meeting the project progress based on reports, deliverables, and presentations, to assess compliance with plans and, if necessary, propose modifications to the Consortium Plan. It provides the political and strategic steering and orientation of the project and decides any main issue.

The Management Board is in charge to adopt decisions that affect the following subjects:


  Content, finances and intellectual property rights.

  Proposals for changes to all Annexes of the Grant Agreement that require to be agreed by the Funding Authority.

  Changes to the Consortium Plan Modifications.

  List of Third Parties.

  Identified Affiliated Entities.


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