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USE CASE 2 - Big data earth observations

Optimal and radar images observing the Earth’s land surface have become an essential source of information to address and analyse environmental issues. The diversity of Earth observation sensors makes it possible to consider these data as an unprecedented source of information, able to provide new insights into environmental monitoring.



The data area testing case titled “Big data earth observations: processing on-demand services for environmental monitoring” aims to provide the academic and land management community with an interactive environment to ensure systematic or on-demand production of new knowledge useful for the environmental monitoring of territories. This will be achieved relying on the algorithmic developments carried out within the THEIA land data centre, machine and deep learning techniques adapted to spatial data, and taking advantage of the complementarities (spatial and temporal resolution) of large spatial data sets from very high-resolution sensors (SPOT, PLEIADES) and SENTINEL 1 and 2-time series. The activities performed within this Use Case are led by IRD, together with other French academic institutes such as INRAE and CNES (involved in the THEIA land data centre), the IT private companies Geomatys and Geolabs, with the overall coordination of CINES.



Use Case 2 output will be achieved in two different phases. The first one will be focused on the delivery of at least 24 of the optimised and deployed processing chains in the HPDA/ HPC environment of the CINES. While the second phase will be centred on the deployment of demonstrators providing a UI web environment for on-demand processing, data workflows for discovery, access to earth observation (EO) raw data and products, and specifications for long-term data archiving procedures.

Learn more about the PHIDIAS use case 2 "Big data earth observations"



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