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Press Release: Kick Off Meeting

Press Release

PHIDIAS - Prototype of HPC/Data Infrastructure for On-demand Services

21 September 2019, Montpellier, France


The European Union's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) has announced the launched of the PHIDIAS Project. The project will officially kick off on 24-25 September 2019 in CINES, Montpellier, France.

Selected via an Open CAll entitled "Creation of generic access services to increase the HPC and data capacities of the European Data Infrastructure", PHIDIAS has a three-year lifetime and will serve the earth science community by building a prototype for Data/High Performance Computing (HPC) services based on earth sciences cases. The aim of the project is to enable the earth science community to discover, manage and process spatial and environmental data spanning the earth's surface, atmosphere and oceans.

In addition to developing datasets to be added into the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) catalogues, PHIDIAS will optimise workflows to facilitate data reuse, provide open access to standardised HPC services, and render the data FAIR.

The project will also focus on increasing the use of associated data services via a distributed model for data transfer and resource allocation between two European computing centres (CINES in France and CSC in Finland). The data generated and the services created will be made available on the EU Open Data, EUDAT, and EOSC portals, and preserved using the long-term preservation services of the EOSC.

Finally, PHIDIAS will propose a generic workflow for massive scientific data which combines computing, dissemination and archiving resources in a single framework.



PHIDIAS, funded by the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) under the CEF-TC-2018-5: Public Open Data Programme, is carried out by a committed, competent and complementary Consortium of 13 Partners from 5 European countries, Led by CINES (France).

Keywords: HPC, Data, FAIRdata, e-Infrastructure European Data Infrastucture, research, earth observation, earth science, supercomputing

For more information about PHIDIAS, or to contact the project, you are invited to engage through a variety of social media channels:

          website  PHIDIAS website:


         linkedin company/phidias-hpc

For any information, please write to

For Press, you can download the official document here.

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