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Fréderic Huynh


PHIDIAS WP2, WP3, WP4, WP6, WP7 Member

Job position

IR System Earth Director


Frédéric Huynh (M) is director of the Earth system Research Infrastructure since 2017. He was IRD Director for Brazil (2012-2016), director of UMR ESPACE-DEV (2001-2012) and co-director of the Remote Sensing Centre (Maison de la Télédétection) in Montpellier. He is an expert of Earth observation and integrated/multidisciplinary approaches to the environment and sustainable development, environmental information and decision support system, interoperability between spatial data and in-situ data and services for earth observation and science. He has published more than 100 scientific references and coordinated more than 50 European and international projects in these fields.

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