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BluePoint Brussels, Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80, 1030 Brussels, Belgium


The Forum aims to foster discussion and collaboration between diverse stakeholders to work towards solutions enabling the development of big data to support marine science. Talks and panel discussions will include representatives from science, industry, policy, governance, data services and NGOs. Key challenges and recommendations will be discussed relating to societal issues including sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, climate change and the oceans, and ocean observations. Cross-cutting issues of data acquisition, data handling and management, service interoperability, data accessibility, computing infrastructure, data sharing, Big Data analytics, training networks and collaboration will be explored.
The EMB Future Science Brief no.6 ‘Big Data in Marine Science’ will be launched during the Forum, providing an assessment of the current status, challenges and solutions for implementing big data to support marine science through case-studies covering aquaculture, marine protected area (MPA) planning and monitoring, climate modeling and forecasting, and biological observations.

The event is relevant for PHIDIAS consortium since the Ocean data test case will work to improve the use of cloud services for marine data management, and data processing on demand.

This event is free of charge, but registration is necessary via this link.

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