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SYKE: Finnish Environment Institute


Marine research at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) aims at producing information and new solutions that help decision-makers to promote the protection and sustainable use of the Baltic Sea. SYKE integrates a wide spectrum of marine research, catchment research, climate change research and socioeconomic research.

Research expertise

Multidisciplinary marine research at SYKE makes use of observations, experimental research, numerical models, prognoses and socio-economic studies.


SYKE is involved in WP6, Ocean Use Case, working towards improving the use of cloud services for marine data management.


Head of SYKE-MRC laboratory
Jukka Seppälä

Jukka Seppälä

WP6 Member
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Jukka Seppälä (M) is the head of SYKE-MRC laboratory (Imaging technologies, bio-optics, AquaBox R&D) and group leader, specialising in bio-optical research in the Baltic Sea and bioenergetic research. He boasts a rich list of publications in different scientific journals. He has taken part in several research projects, including the Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance and Sustainable Uses of Baltic Marine Resources.

Leading Research Scientist
Seppo Kaitala

Seppo Kaitala

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Seppo Kaitala (M) has a Master's degree in hydrobiology (1980) and a PhD (1984). He has held a position of Adjunct Professor in aquatic ecology at the University of Helsinki since 1991. His current tasks include the development of the ferrybox monitoring system ”Alg@line”, data visualization and dissemination through national and European data portals (Emodnet, Copernicus, SeaDataCloud). He broast a rich list of publications in scientific journals.

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