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Podcast Ep4

Phidias HPC - The role of the Security Committee

Listen as we dive into the fourth PHIDIAS podcast episode. We met today with Gregory Chante, CINES Chief Security Officer and Phidias Security Committee Member, who contextualised the role of the PHIDIAS Security Committee in the broader and ever-evolving European HPC landscape.

The Security Committee addresses transversal security issues and is composed of the Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) of CINES, CSC, IFREMER, and IRD. Its main role is to identify information and information technology (IT) risks in the workflows developed during the project. PHIDIAS is involved in huge transfers of data between organisations that have their security architecture and precautions are taken to respect everyone's security prerogatives. In particular, this committee has to deal with security issues coming from the CINES own ZRR (restricted access area) and make recommendations to work package leaders and the management board.

In this episode, we talked extensively about the linkage with the other like-minded initiatives, the scientific progress, and the innovative push that the project is trying to bring forward to achieve in support of the collateral entity like the scientific board of experts and the security committee.

We do also invite you to re-enjoy our previous podcast episodes!

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