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The deployment of "High-Performance Computing" is undergoing a significant change.

The ETP4HPC, the European High-Performance Computing Platform with the support of the EXDCI-2 project, published the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA 4) at the beginning of 2020. The Strategic Research Agenda is the fourth High-Performance (HPC) technology roadmap for the achievement of exascale capabilities by the European HPC ecosystem. The main objective of the Strategic Research Agenda is to identify the European technology research priorities in the area of High-Performance Computing and High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) which should be used by EuroHPC to build its 2021-2024 Work Programme.

Its findings will affect the distribution of an increased amount of funding dedicated within EuroHPC to the development of HPC technology and the mechanisms used to stimulate other areas in the period from 2021 to 2024. The SRA lays the foundation for this process by defining the European HPC technological priorities based on the input generated by the European HPC technology stakeholders: European HPC endors, research organisations and users, as well as the stakeholders of the related technologies.

With the outline contents of the HPC Technology Work Programmes provided in this document, PHIDIAS will be more effective in fostering collaborative cross-domain research to maximise the benefit of HPC technology for the public European interest.

To learn more and download the SRA copy, click here.

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